Martial Arts for Everyone

Martial Arts for Everyone

Family Self Defense Center (FSDC), chosen “Most Supportive Dojo” and “Top Five” Isshinryu Karate Schools in the Country for the past ten years, teaches a realistic and practical style of traditional martial arts, originating in Okinawa. Come train with nationally recognized, Certified Black Belt Instructors, in an encouraging and fun environment, suitable for children and adults. The award winning “FSDC program” builds self-esteem, confidence, focus and respect, without promoting aggressive behavior. Entrust the safety of your loved ones with trained professionals by joining the FSDC “Karate Family”! Additional Information: Qualifying students will test for belt rank at the end of the session, with a nominal promotion fee of $10, paid to the instructor.

In addition to karate, we teach Traditional Weapons. This class is for all students, including those not in a karate class, those in the martial arts, or black belts from non-Okinawan styles. Each session will feature several different weapons, beginning with Nunchuka, Escrima Sticks, Bo and Sai, with advanced classes in Tonfa , Oar, Kama and Sword to follow (weapons will be supplied for use during classes).Traditional forms will be taught in their entirety. Each student that learns an entire weapon form will earn a certificate of completion, signed by Master Instructors in Isshinryu Karate. Enjoy the experience of learning something new, without belt rank.



Mondays $99: July 8 – September 23 (11 weeks, no class 9/2) , 6 to 7 pm.
Tuesdays $99: July 9 – September 24 (11 weeks, no class 9/3), 6:30 to 7:30 pm. 
(Blackbelts $82.50 in either of the above classes) 
Mondays & Tuesdays $165: Class dates and times same as the above combined. 
Weapons Class: Mondays $66: July 8 – September 23 (11 weeks, no class 9/2), 6-7 pm.


To register for a session, sign up at our front desk Mondays or Tuesdays at the Civic Center, or
click on this link: City of Novi Parks and Rec Martial Arts