FSDC Tournament

Family Self Defense Center Tournament 2019

Over 50  FSDC students competed in the annual intra-dojo tournament. Awards were earned in kata, weapons, and kumite in both Under Belt and Black Belt divisions.

First place wins went to: Black Belts: Ameilia Chung (kata), Andrew Adomaitis (weapons), Sneha Challa (kumite).
Underbelts: Andrew Mejeur, Ryan Daly, Khusi Sumani, Varshini Muppa, Navya Jayagopal, Sathvik Sarapeneni, Molly Forsyth, Dhruv Vadi, Moira Adomaitis (kata); Andrew Mejeur, Lexi Maxton, Nicholas Harrison, Sathvik Sarapeneni, Molly Forsyth, Abhay Shenoy (weapons); Adishvar Jeyaranjan, Katherine Zhang, Varshini Muppa, Reed Bermingham, Molly Forsyth, Moira Adomaitis (kumite).

An FSDC team dinner followed at Ardiana’s Restaurant in Novi (Ten Mile and Meadowbrook).


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