bio-Jesse Barrons

Jesse Barrons

Jesse began practicing Isshinryu karate with FSDC in 2012 and earned his Black Belt in December of 2019. He likes that Isshinryu emphasizes realistic fighting that can be used at any age. His favorite thing is that he and his daughter, Evelyn, tested for Black Belt together. He hopes that he will be able to test for Second Degree Black Belt when his son, Ethan, tests for his First degree.

Jesse has competed at numerous tournaments and won several trophies, including 1st place in weapons 3 times. He teaches lower ranking students, often young beginners (white belts and yellow belts), trying to pass on his enjoyment of the martial arts to the next generation. He participates in community activities with FSDC, 3 times at Light Up the Night, and in Novi parades 8 times, usually as part of the team carrying Tatsu, the 30-foot Chinese dragon, multiple times as head of the dragon.

Outside of karate, Jesse is Center Director for the Success Virtual Center in Waterford. This Cyber School helps students earn their diplomas who have struggled in traditional schools. Before that Jesse was a long time middle school teacher in Detroit. He is an active member of Oak Pointe Church, where he volunteers as a Youth Shepherd and teaches 4th grade classes with his son. He is a member of the Waterford Chamber of Commerce. And he is President of the Waterford Rotary Club.