Rachel Manela

Rachel, known as Ms. Rae to her students, began her martial arts training when she was 8, studying Tang-Soo-Do for 5 years. Upon moving back to Novi, she joined FSDC and began training in Isshinryu in July 2015. FSDC has become a true family for Rae, especially when she lost her family home in 2016.  Karate helps her keep centered and focused when things are difficult. Rae received her Black Belt on December 16, 2018. She was named Dojo Administrator in January, 2019.

She enjoys working with all the students at the dojo and volunteering to help with events whenever possible. Rachel has multiple trophies for kata, weapons and Kumite. In 2018, IHOF recognized her as one of the top five Female Karate Students of the Year. In 2019 Rae was recognized as the number 1 Adult Female Karate Ka by the IHOF and the only woman to be recognized in the top 5 for the Spirit of Isshinryu award.

Outside of karate, Rachel likes history, reading, going to the movies, and traveling. Rae has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Theory from James Madison College at Michigan State University (Go Green!).