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Anthony DeFeo

Anthony DeFeo joined FSDC in the fall of 2010 at the age of seven. He has trained exclusively in the style of Isshinryu Karate. Anthony teaches karate and sword an average of two hours per week. In December, 2016, he achieved the rank of Junior Black Belt, and in April of 2018 earned the rank of Second Degree Junior Black Belt.

Anthony has competed in many tournaments over the course of eight years at the local, national and world level. He has placed in the top three numerous times in kumite, weapons and kata. In 2013 he participated in a seminar taught by O’Sensei Kichiro Shimabuku and had a picture taken with him. In 2017, the International Isshinryu Hall of Fame named him one of the top 5 for Young Male Karate Student 13-17.

Outside of karate, Anthony’s many hobbies include building and restoring classic motorcycles and cars.  He also enjoys being a camp counselor in the summer for Michigan State’s Tollgate Farm Camp.