Evelyn Barrons

Evelyn, born in 2007, began practicing Isshinryu karate with FSDC in 2012 and earned her Junior Black Belt in December of 2019. Her favorite thing about Isshinryu is that everyone can participate and it teaches you how to defend yourself in real-life situations. She hopes that she can reach Third Degree Black Belt by the time she graduates high school.

Evelyn has competed at numerous tournaments, including IHOF and KIAI, winning several trophies, including two 1st place trophies. She teaches lower ranking students about two hours per week. She has volunteered at Light Up the Night, a Christmas event in Novi, 3 times, and has marched with the FSDC group in 8 parades.

Outside of karate, Evelyn volunteers in the Kindergarten and Preschool classrooms at her church (Oak Pointe in Novi), is a youth ministry leader in her church youth group, has been a girl scout since she was in 1st grade, makes and donates blankets to the Oakland County Animal Shelter, plays soccer, and marched in the Pontiac City Holiday Parade with the Waterford Rotary Club.