Upcoming Events

FSDC Upcoming Events​


2019 Light Up the Night

Friday, December 6th, at the Novi Civic Center. Food Trucks. Activities. Demonstrations. Tree Lighting. FSDC will be assisting at this and Chris’ Creations will be one of the evenings artists.

More info to come.


2020 FSDC Tournament

On a date to be announced later, we will host our 2020 FSDC tournament. Come challenge yourself, learn about competition, and practice for tournaments later in the season. More details to come.


The Isshinryu Hall Of Fame Awards and Tournaments

July 17th & 18th, 2020.  FSDC students will once again trek down to Gatlinburg, TN, for the 41st IHOF Award Ceremony and National Tournament.

Dates for future IHOF events:
     7/16 & 7/17, 2021
     7/15 & 7/16, 2022

For the event webpage, click here.

Pour on the Shore

In 2020 on a date to be announced, at Pavilion Shore Park in Novi, FSDC will sponsor the annual Pour on the Shore. Adults only. Craft Beer, Wine Tasting, Live Music. To find out more and buy tickets click here .